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Accountants and advisors for small business

You started your business for a reason

We started ours so we can help you make it. Approachable, resourceful, and reliable – we are your business venture partners.

You shouldn’t have to choose between your loved ones and your business. Your business advisors and accountants should go beyond simply filing your tax return. It is about having the tools and information you need to run your business, without your business running your life.

Hardworking business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to know the right way to manage their tax accounts. The information out there can be almost impossible to understand.

With us, you will get the time to ask all the questions weighing on your mind. Our answers will provide you with the clarity and confidence to do the most strategic thing for your business.

Things we do

Book keeping & Accounting

Data processing is the heart and soul of your business’ finances.

Employer registration Registration for all tax types Data Entry Backlog processing Reporting Filling GST returns Fringe Benefit tax returns Income tax returns EMS

Tax and ACC advisory

We liaison with IRD and ACC to help you understand your options and resolve any pressing tax and ACC issues.

Business Strategy Development

So you can build the foundation and know what to do when things change. We do this by helping you make informed choice for enterprise set up and incorporation, assess the role of marketing in your enterprise, do tax planning and cash flow forecasts. We also offer buy or sell business support.

Management support

Whether it be about actively promoting your business, producing financial statements, or assisting you manage cash flow, risk assessment, and your employer status. We also work with you on Tax planning and optimising ACC arrangements.

You can call us anytime if you need advice.
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